About Levels

Welcome to our Reward system! With this system, we offer you the opportunity to earn special rewards based on your purchases. Here’s how it works:

  • How to level up: By default, users can advance to a higher level when their current points reach that level. However, we’ve enabled a special option that allows you to level up based on the total points you’ve earned. Typically, when you use points to get discounts, you may descend a level, but with this option enabled, you will maintain your current level even after using points.
  • Coupon codes at checkout: Usually, coupon codes are displayed at checkout. With this setting, they will be hidden, and in their place, you will see the description (or if the description is empty, it will say ‘Coupon’).
  • Continuous coupon application: Normally, a user receives a single discount when they reach a certain level. With this setting activated, the discount will be applied every time you reach that level.
  • Account Creation Bonus: As a warm welcome gesture, you will automatically receive 1,000 points when you create an account in our store.

For every 1 GBP spent, you will receive 10 points. For every 500 points accumulated, you will receive a 1 GBP discount at checkout.

  • For Level 2 ( 5000 Points )  : You will receive a coupon with a 10% discount on your next purchase.
  • For Level 3 ( 15000 Points ) : You will receive a coupon with a 12% discount on your next purchase.
  • For Level 4 ( 30000 Points ) : You will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase, and you will also receive a points multiplier of 1.5x. This multiplier will help you advance more quickly to higher levels that will be added in the future.

We’re excited to offer you these rewards and look forward to seeing you level up as you make more purchases!