Dugladze Vineyard by Transylvania Wine

Dugladze Wine Company has been founded in 2004 and currently is one of the leading alcohol production companies in Georgia, which specializes in producing high quality wines, wine brandy, sparkling wines and Chacha.

Mission – show diversity found in various parts of Georgia to the world. The company wants to share with everyone the unique character of each part of Georgia expressed in every wine bottle it produces.

The company owns 3 factories in Georgia, which are spread across the country, giving the opportunity to get harvests in all regions of Georgia. They are equipped with up-to-date machinery produced by world-renowned companies such as “Della Toffola”, “Krones”, “Cavagninno & Gatti”, and “Seitz Enzinger Noll”.

Vineyards – Dugladze wine company owns vineyards in 3 different regions of Georgia, ensuring high quality of the full process production of high quality products.

During the past 7 years Dugladze Wine Company wines won 120 medals in global competitions: 2 trophies, 25 Gold medals and 42 silver awards in worldwide recognized competitions such as Mundus Vini, Decanter, Shanghai international wine challenge, Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards, Hong Kong Int. Cathay pacific etc.

Story of Dugladze Wine Company

The history of our company dates back to 1984, when Georgia’s biggest alcohol production factory was opened. Dugladze Wine Company was founded in 2004 and is now one of Georgia’s leading alcohol production companies, offering over 30 different varieties of wine products, including Qvevri wines, six varieties of sparkling wine, wine brandies aged in oak barrels ranging from three to seventeen years, and two varieties of Chacha. The company owns three factories spread across Georgia, giving it the ability to harvest in all regions of the country. They are outfitted with cutting-edge machinery manufactured by world-renowned companies. Dugladze Wine Company exports in more than 30 different countries and intends to further develop its own vineyards, expand into new markets, and strengthen its strategic markets in UK,  Asia, Europe and the US.

Due to a team of professional winemakers, native Georgian grape varietals, and a combination of modern and traditional fermentation techniques, Dugladze Wine Company is exceptional in its ability to produce a wide variety of wine styles. The company’s success is also recognized by international competitions such as ‘Mundus Vini,’ ‘Decanter, ‘IWA’, ‘IWSC’, and others.

Dugladze Wine Company is dedicated to continuous expansion and innovation. The mission is to show the world the diversity found in different parts of Georgia and to share with everyone the unique character of each part of Georgia expressed in every wine bottle it produces.

  • Dugladze Aged Chacha in Present Box

    Earn 370 Points.
  • Dugladze Brandy 3*** (3 years old) 500ml / 700ml

    Earn up to 200 Points.
  • Dugladze Brandy Vartsikhe (7 years old)

    Earn 268 Points.
  • Dugladze Brandy Very Old (12 years old)

    Earn 352 Points.
  • Dugladze Brandy VS (8 years old) 500ml / 700ml

    Earn up to 336 Points.
  • Dugladze Brandy VSOP (10 years old) 500ml / 700ml

    Earn up to 386 Points.
  • Dugladze Classic Chacha in Present Box

    Earn 340 Points.
  • Dugladze Kakhuri Qvevri 2020

    Earn 115 Points.