Legendary Dracula Vineyard

Legendary Dracula Vineyard by Transylvania Wine

Legendary Dracula is a Romanian brand that aims at empowering some of the finest local products by associating them with one of the most powerful and notorious European myth – Dracula.
The products gathered under the Legendary Dracula brand include some of the best Romanian wines featuring various Dracula inspired themes, a selection of natural spirits traditionally brewed in Transylvania.
Legendary Dracula range of wines:

  • Legend of Dracula
  • Tower of Dracula
  • Castellum
  • Conte Dracula
  • Dominion
  • 555
  • Draculea – Vlad the Impaler
  • Nobilis Dracula
  • Royal Blood

Legendary Dracula Winemaker

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Potion of Dracula

Potion of Dracula 500 - 2
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